Saturday, 22 December 2018

Backed up data from anywhere with the new and improved online cloud backup solution of Dataalign

Enjoy the freedom to access your backed up data from anywhere with the new and improved online cloud backup solution of Dataalign which has improved al its services by using technical advancements like artificial intelligence and robotics process automation. Dataalign serves hundreds of thousands of people world-wide with their trust-worthy services. No more worrying about ransomware or any other threat that could prove to be the source of potential damage to your important data. Try the free cloud data backup of Dataalign for convenient and secure data backup services.

Dataalign is a cheap online cloud backup solution for businesses as it helps businesses in reducing processing cost by saving their cost of making and maintaining database. It also works on many newly formulated techniques like intelligent content search that saves a lot of time of the user. Also, another interesting feature of cheap online data backup of dataalign is its Media aware technique that not only provides solution to the problem of storing huge volume of data conveniently and in an organized manner but also provides result of searches in milliseconds saving the trouble of going through tons of data to find one particular picture or document when required urgently.

This server cloud backup solution is one of a kind and has been specially designed to suit the needs and requirements of user, as its services can be customized particularly. Whether required for personal use or for business, this backup solution is ideal in every case and their services are backed by a strong team of professional technicians who provide support services, assistance or help regarding query of any kind whenever and wherever required.

Dataalign is a free cloud data backup solution purposefully designed to serve the backup needs of customers all over the world. Other amazing and fascinating feature of dataalign is the superior transcoding technology that optimizes videos, photos, and audio files of any size upon backup so, that they become fully viewable. This comes with the freedom to preview any video, audio or picture without having to download the full size as the optimized version can be used for faster loading and easy sharing. Contact on toll-free help line number of   +1 (844) 387-9959 to access dataalign services.

Friday, 21 December 2018

You can get all your data backed up efficiently and without spending huge amounts of money

You can get all your data backed up efficiently and without spending huge amounts of money for the process by using the Online cloud backup Solution of Dataalign. Keeping your important business data safe like customers’ details, bank information, contact details and other crucial information is significant for every business. By using the online cloud backup service of Dataalign, businesses can safeguard their data from ransomware attacks. Ransomware is a type of malicious software program that infects systems around the world encrypting data, files and important information for which the hacker demands ransom money in exchange of providing the decrypting code for their data.

Dataalign provides one of the cheap online data backup solution for keeping safe files and data that get backed up instantly and can be restored immediately from anywhere using any device. With the amazing backing up and restoring facilities and trust-worthy service of Dataalign, business will not have to worry about losing critical information like source codes etc. All the backed up data in Dataalign is saved in a strongly encrypted way that is also used by NASA, Netflix and the US government. The server cloud backup solution of Dataalign backs up all your contacts, messages, documents, calendars, music, photos and videos etc. without you having to do anything manually.

Free cloud data backup solution of Dataalign has innovative features like eDiscovery content search that automatically sorts and categorizes saved data for hassle free location of data anytime. The moment files are uploaded, all your documents, financial spreadsheets, PDFs, presentations etc. are categorized on the basis of date, time and other things. Artificial intelligence feature helps in easy detection of data.

Dataalign Free cloud data backup artificial intelligence feature helps in searching any data, file or photo by just typing the name of any object that is present in that picture. The organization features of Dataalign like smart filters and tagging makes it user friendly.


Thursday, 20 December 2018

Get rid of hassle free content search of your saved or backed up data

Get rid of hassle free content search of your saved or backed up data whenever you need to find one immediately by using the smarter and more advanced features of online cloud backup of Dataalign. Cloud backup and storage facilities of Dataalign are available in different product types like Dataalign for business, dataalign for home and for enterprise. The exclusively user friendly features of Dataalign cheap online data backup provides many reasons for the customers to have a safe backup of all their data without the need to worry about backing up every time as all the data gets automatically backed up without having to do it intentionally once you choose the settings like wise.

Free cloud data backup of Dataalign provides a cost-effective and reasonably affordable solution to all businesses that are having difficulty managing the overflowing amount of data everyday. All type of media content like photos, videos, audio-files get easily saved in Dataalign and it supports all types of media like 2K, 4K, 3D and HD videos. The storage and e-discovery solutions of Dataalign helps in cutting the cost by up to 60% of businesses.

The uniquely designed technology that has been designed to understand sentence structures and language variations helps in getting the search result by using just words and phrases. The advantage of Cheap online cloud backup of Dataalign is that it lets the user filter their desired result from all the stored data on the basis of file size, file type, owner name, date of modification etc. these points can also be used to highlight important and frequently used data.

Dataalign provides the server cloud backup solution with amazing features of restricting authorized access to data along with straight forward file access control system to users and groups. By this user can make the full utilization of available storage space by setting the number of days for which he wants a data to be saved and also by deciding the number of versions for data to be saved in at the time of saving data.

The version history option lets the user view all the history of each file and also allows to undo any mistakes if done. The free cloud data backup solution of Dataalign lets the user search any picture from tons of saved photo data by the technique of artificial photo detection. With the use of advanced futuristic techniques along with conventionally successful ways Dataalign has been securely backing up data of businesses since years. For more details and getting your data backed up contact Dataalign on toll-free helpline number +1 (844) 387-9959   anytime from anywhere.


Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Are you looking to secure your data with effective cloud backup.

Online cloud backup solution is the best solution for protecting your important data from theft or ransomware. But from so many options available for online cloud data backup, it is hard and confusing to choose any one. The online cloud backup of Dataalign has new and innovative features like content search through eDiscovery, photo detection via A.I. etc. Among the various options available for home, business and enterprise use, customers have the freedom to choose from any one or more from them. Also, you never have to worry about keeping a track of how much of your data has backed up as it is all automatic once you sign in to Dataalign and choose the settings options accordingly.

Dataalign is the best provider of cheap online data backup with their affordable and economic range of data backup options. Our data security maintenance team is always up-to date with every newly discovered virus or online threat and thus they evolve the system to keep themselves ahead of others, because their basic fundamental rule is to not compromise with the safety and security of customers’ data. Your data will be completely protected by the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the military grade encryption. 

The server cloud backup solution of Dataalign allows you to directly backup any type of data whether photos, contacts, messages, videos, music etc. without taking any space on your device. The availability of data anywhere anytime and the freedom to access any data from any portable device will help in boosting and flourishing your business by removing the necessity to physically carrying your data to meetings. The smart content search saves a lot of time that is generally wasted in searching as it automatically sorts and categorizes all your files into different categories.

Also, the A.I. photo detection technology of Dataalign will make your life much simpler by helping you locate your favorite pictures by just searching them by the name of objects that appear in them. The free cloud data backup solution  Dataalign works wonders by providing you amazing results in a short span of time. The easier backing up and accessing data using backup services of Dataalign is made possible by the accurate facial recognition and photo detection engine which results in organization of data for easy accessibility.

Dataalign uses four different types of data storage which helps in finding the businesses their most affordable data storage type. For cheap online cloud backup call on toll-free helpline number of Dataalign   anytime.